Oral contributions

Regular oral presentations will last 15 minutes which include a 12 min speech by the presenting author and another 3 min for questions by the audience. Plenary and keynote presentations will be given a 30 minutes duration (25 min speech and 5 min for discussion).

On-site presentations should be delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint format (.pptx file) or Adobe Acrobat Reader format (.pdf file). Preferably, the widescreen ratio (16:9) should be used. The file should be electronically handed by the speaker to the Registration Desk at least one session before his/her presentation.

For online presentations, the responsible person for the broadcasting will contact the author some days before the presentation in order to test the connection and resolve possible problems that may arise. Then, the author will be asked to enter the broadcasting system during the break before the session starts.

In order to keep the program on time, all authors are requested to be accurate in their timetable and presentation durations.

Poster presentations

All posters will be placed in a special website accessed by all participants. Authors’ contact details will be visible to allow questions and ideas exchange. An option to include a short 3-min video presentation file will be available.

Therefore, ALL Poster presenters should send their posters electronically in the conference email ( or by means of another upload system at least 4 days before the conference starts.
To further promote their work, optionally, they can provide a short video presentation. An mp4 file prepared by an audio narration on a sequence of PowerPoint slides is recommended.
A helpful video describing the way to record your presentation and narration using PowerPoint can be found here.
When you prepare your mp4 file you may send us your files using a free online service, such WeTransfer, or share them through a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

The presenting authors with οn-site participation should hang their printed posters in the morning of their presentation and remove them at the end of the poster session. The preferable dimensions for posters should be 80 cm x 120 cm (width x height). All posters are required to conform to portrait orientation. Type size should be sufficiently large to allow people to read from 2-3 meters.

The posters from those authors with Virtual attendance will appear in the monitors of the conference hall throughout the poster session.

All Presentations should be prepared in English language (official language of the Conference).

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