COVID-19 Restrictions

Following to the recently announced regulation by the authorities for the organization of conference events in Greece, here are some general guidelines that should be followed by all attendees and presenters with physical presence at RawMat2021.

According to the prevailing health and safety measures as of September 1st, 2021, attendees upon entering the Conference venue should hold one of the following:

1. Vaccination certificate, or

2. Recovery certificate (issued 30 days after positive Covid-19 test result and valid for 180 days after issue date), or

3. Certificate of negative Rapid antigen test (up to 24 hours before) or RT-PCR test (up to 72 hours before).

All attendees can enter the Conference venue only if they have previously registered to the event online.

The use of a face mask is mandatory for all attendees.

We will appreciate if you can fully comply to these guidelines in order to avoid potential risks and undesirable situations.

Looking forward to meeting you in Athens!

COVID-19 Restrictions

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