We are glad to announce the awards to the most outstanding presentations during RawMat2021!

GRawMat Circular Economy Award

For the presentation best promoting the adoption of circular economy in the raw materials sector. The award is sponsored by the GRawMat Innovation Cluster.

Best Oral Presentation Award

Most distinguished paper combining high scientific quality and presentation significance. The award is sponsored by the journal Minerals MDPI.

Best Poster Award

Dedicated to the best presentation during the poster sessions of the conference.

Young Researcher Αward

For the best presentation by a young scientist.

Open-access publication waivers

Selected high-impact presentations will get a waiver for full paper submission in the peer-review journals collaborating with RawMat2021.

  • 2 waivers for the Special Issue of Minerals MDPI “Minerals Study, Applications and Processing: Building the Foundations of a Green Future” Impact factor 2.644.
  • 2 waivers for the Special Issue of Sustainability MDPI “Raw Materials and Circular Economy: Concepts and Evidence” Impact factor 3.251.
  • 1 waiver for the Special Issue of Water MDPI “Sustainable Approaches in Water Treatment Practices, Presenting Minimum Environmental Impact” Impact factor 3.103.
  • 2 waivers for the Special Issue of Materials MDPI “Metals Characterization: Novel Methods, Techniques, and Instruments” Impact factor 3.623.

Presented papers were evaluated by the Award Committee according to the following criteria:

  • Significance of the paper
  • Originality
  • Presentation impact
  • Young researcher

The winners of RawMat2021 awards were announced during the closing ceremony of the conference.

Click here to watch the closing ceremony.

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